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The urban development area/project aspern, die Seestadt Wiens, located in the 22nd district provides the opportunity to reshape and develop behavioral patterns of local residents and workforce  on the spot, with regard to  innovative and sustainable mobility services. Mobilization initiatives and the opportunity to reflect on personal mobility behavior shall foster the development potentials for the avoidance of emissions and the mitigation of use of natural resources by adapting to new forms of mobility. This will be conducted by socially differentiated methods. The living lab aspern.mobil provides the setting, in which social and technological innovations can be developed, assessed and monitored in real time.

The specific setting of the urban mobility lab in aspern Seestadt, located in the peripheral outskirts of the City of Vienna, usually dominated by motorized private vehicle transport, aims at supporting active mobility behavior change by reduction of daily paths towards a paradigm of „pay per use instead of pay and use“. The final result of aspern.mobil is a roadmap combining both a strategy for and a clear instruction to the set-up of a mobility lab in aspern Seestadt. The process of the development of the roadmap comprises the whole term of the project and is accompanied and supported by learnings of the project team and input by co-creators and other stakeholders. Gathered and defined project ideas, measures and suggestions will be collected in a pool of projects which serves as baseline of an integrative approach towards future aims of the mobility lab. An external board of experts as monitoring unit advises to the project team.

At the beginning of the project the status quo of the spatial (local and regional), legal-political, financial, social and economic situation but as well the trends within these fields will be analyzed. As one output of this, a variety of methods creates a social area analysis. On the basis of international good practice experiences by urban living labs, mobilization and process supporting measures will be set to integrate co-creators and stakeholders into the identification process of prospective and relevant topics for research and future focuses in mobility planning.  This follows a transdisciplinary approach. The logic of action research reflects both the function and role of the object of research, but as well of the subject of research. As a result of these considerations within the user focused research of aspern.mobil, guidelines for participation in the urban mobility lab are created with the aim to motivate co-creators of being integrated during the exploratory project and beyond that by playing an active role in the actual living lab. Parallel to all activities described a quality management respectively an evaluation and monitoring structure is developed for ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, economic usability and socio-ecologic relevance of measures by the mobility lab.

The roadmap as main output of aspern.mobil defines how to establish the urban mobility lab aspern Seestadt and how to operate a flexible, efficient and future oriented research unit. 

TINA Vienna leads the project that will run from April 2015 to March 2016. Other project partners are the TU Vienna (Department for Spatial Planning), Wien 3420 Aspern Development GmbH, New Urban Mobility Vienna and landscape planner Martina Jauschneg.

Contact person:

Rainer Müller

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