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TINA Vienna is already since 2011 in the field of ‘Smart City Vienna’ active, in 2012 it was then commissioned as part of a service mandate of the City of Vienna as official Smart City Vienna Agency (SCWA).

By resolution of the City Council in June 2014 the Smart City Wien framework strategy sets out that TINA Vienna, as Smart City Wien Agency, is the main link between all relevant initiatives and programs of the City of Vienna in the implementing the Smart City Wien framework strategy. Moreover, the SCWA is also active on an international level, where it takes into account relevant aspects of international and European policy-making.



In this area of ​​activity TINA Vienna was commissioned by the city of Vienna to operate as a competence center in the field of information and communication technologies and coordinator of the DigitalCity.Wien initiative.

The DigitalCity.Wien was established in 2014 - an initiative that is being driven in close cooperation by the private sector and the administration of the City of Vienna. The goal of the initiative is to develop Vienna to one of the leading digital hotspots of Europe and to positioned and promote itself regionally and internationally in such matter.

The initiative is the result of discussions in 2013 on possible solutions to address the existing shortage of skilled IT skills personnel in Vienna and subsequently led to a much more ambitious project. The special focus for 2016 are the topics education, women in IT and the promotion of digital literacy in Vienna.

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The program CapaCity – Urban Competences pursues a more deepened international cooperation between the City of Vienna, its organizations and other cities. CapaCity supports the City of Vienna and its ventures to enable their internationalization and broaden their network. Its goal is, to establish a network of cities in the CEE and SEE region.

CapaCity will build up on opportunities generated by this grand international interest and will strive after sustaining contacts and intensifying exchange with regard to urban technologies and strategies.

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Best Practices Hub

The Best Practices Hub Vienna, today also carried out by TINA Vienna, was established under the UN - Habitat Best Practices and Local Leadership Program in 1999. It acts as a regional center for Central and Eastern Europe, as well as a thematic center in the fields of sustainable urban development and smart technologies.

Furthermore, the BPH Vienna UN-Habitat is contributing to the current redevelopment of the Best Practices program and supports the submission of Viennese projects from the World Habitat Awards and the Dubai International Award. The content and strategic direction of the BPH is set in semi -annual steering group meetings.

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